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LEED Certification Program

Eco-housing and green building


The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, LEED®, third-party evaluation system is an international benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high-performance sustainable buildings. By integrating ecological practices and techniques that go beyond building standards, the building accumulates points. The more points accumulated, the more the project can exceed the Certified level and thus obtain the Silver, Gold, or Platinum level.

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TOTO is committed to disseminating product transparency reports in a simpler, understandable and useful way. Transparency is the cornerstone of all our initiatives. It is essential to provide our customers with detailed information about our products in line with our rigorous ethics.

At TOTO, we now have PeoplePlanetWater products in all our categories to help you earn LEED v4 credits for green product reporting and disclosure of basic ingredients. Developed in partnership with Sustainable Minds, TOTO continues its commitment to go beyond compliance by developing the first ever third-party transparency report (SM's EPD brand) for bath products that also includes the results of this important evaluation.

To learn more about LEED v4 certification

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BRADLEY's Terreon and TerreonRE materials do not react easily with other chemicals or elements, thus with a small impact on indoor and outdoor environments. Terreon and TerreonRE are nontoxic and emit virtually no volatile organic compounds.

To learn more about GREENGUARD certification

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As a leader in sustainable development, T-S has proactively partnered with organizations that share their commitment to water conservation. From USGBC®, creators of the LEED classification system®, EPA's WaterSense and the Alliance for Water Efficiency, T-S prides itself on working with other conservation entities to raise awareness, educate and preserve resources.

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